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Burn Permits

Burn permits are only issued when CAL FIRE will allow burning in Solano County. 

If your property is in the SRA (State Responsibility Area), you may obtain a burn permit directly from CAL FIRE.  To determine if your property is in the SRA, check the State Responsibility Area viewer link from the CAL FIRE website. If your property is in the Cordelia Fire Protection District but not in the SRA, please follow the steps below:

  • First visit Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) to complete appropriate forms and pay the BAAQMD fees. 
  • Once this BAAQMD  form is submitted and fees are paid to the BAAQMD, please complete a Cordelia Fire Protection District Burn Permit Request form on our ​website and upload your BAAQMD rec​eipt, then make an appointment to come to the station to pay your fees and receive your permit.
    Make an appointment by calling 707-864-0468 to process your permit at Station 31. Bring your BAAQMD permit application and receipt to Station 31 located at 2155 Cordelia Road, Fairfield to pay your $15 fee and receive your permit,

Cordelia Fire District will collect a $15 fee, Please pay by cash or check made out to Cordelia Fire Protection District.

Cordelia Station 31 is currently not staffed on a regular basis. Staff is not always available at the station to assist with the permit process, so please make an appointment or call  707-864-0468 before you visit.

Please note the following prior to conducting the burn:

      ***Failure to meet the following requirements may result in fines being levied.

  • Before burning, confirm that it is a permissible burn day.
    Call BAAQMD at 1-800-435-7247 to determine burn status for the day.
  • Contact Solano Dispatch at 1-707-421-7090 and Fairfield Police & Fire Dispatch at 1-707-428-7301 prior to your burn day to notify them of the planned burn date and address where you will be burning.
  • Burn hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Make sure the burn will be completed prior to 3 p.m.
  • Do not plan to burn on a windy day.
  • Make sure to have a water source/garden hose nearby.
  • Make sure the fire will be attended at all times by at least one prudent and responsible person. The individual responsible for attending to the fire must be listed on the burn permit.
  • Confine the burn area within cleared firebreaks or barriers adequate to prevent fire from escaping control.