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Map Book

The Cordelia Fire District Map book consists of the following:

4 pages of street names. Included in these 4 pages are the following:

  • Street Names – The name of the street.
  • Address Range – The range of addresses present on that street or the portion shown for the particular map page.
  • Cross Street – The most significant cross street intersecting with the street you are trying to find.
  • Map Page TBM (Thomas Bros. Map) – The page you’ll find this street in the Thomas Brothers Map guide.
  • 1 page of map symbols 34 pages of road maps:* Includes supplemental building map for Solano Community College (15S below)** Page 14 is a map of Rockville Hills Regional Park

Rockville Park Information Page & Roads & Trails Map

Additionally, the following large scale maps help provide a complete view of Suisun District and the Cordelia FPD borders.

CordeliaFireDistrictMap.pdfSolanoCountyDistrictMap.pdfSatellite View from Benicia -Martinez bridge to Green Valley Golf Course.png