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Fire Safety

The Cordelia Fire Protection District is comprised of 56 square miles of topography ranging from the Suisun Marsh to the mountain range separating Napa and Solano Counties and the Suisun Valley.  These areas present unique fire prevention challenges. One of the most challenging areas is the Green Valley and Rockville Hills regions.

The Green Valley and Rockville Hills regions are recognized as wildland-urban interface areas. These wildland-urban interface regions are created when you mix the lush California-Mediterranean climate of hot and dry summers coupled with residential living.  These areas are plentiful with combustible vegetation (Manzanita, coyote brush, wild oats, oak trees).

In order to ensure responders are able to provide fast and effective service, we have developed a list of  recommendations for property owners in the region :

  • Maintain vegetation abatement along the entire driveways length
  • Trees/Brush 30 feet on both sides and 14 feet overhead
  • Native grasses abated to a minimum of 4 inches
  • Remove dead leaves and brush
  • Native Grasses – Abate native grasses to a minimum of 4 inches in height.  The Cordelia Fire Protection District recommends whenever possible to completely abate native grasses to bare earth (disc or blade) which provides the highest level of protection.
  • Chimney – Abate overhanging trees within 10 feet of the chimney
  • Dead Trees/Brush – Chip and/or remove all dead vegetation on the property, these fuels only intensify a fire
  • Address Identification – Post 4-inch address numbers with contrasting background at the public roadway, and provide address numbers with directional arrows when more than 1 resident shares a common driveway.  This will greatly assist emergency responders in time of need.
  • Please consult the CalFire website for their recommendations: CalFire Homeowners Checklist

Annually the Cordelia Fire Protection District conducts Fire Hazard Inspections throughout the Wildland- Urban Interface exposure areas (Green Valley and Rockville Hills).  These inspections are conducted as early in the year as possible, to give property owners time to address issues before fire season begins. Written notification is provided to those property owners/tenants where conditions are identified that warrant correction.  Follow-up inspections are scheduled to ensure the hazards are adequately abated.

May contain: plant, vegetation, and tree

Fire Hazard Complaints

Concerned about a potential fire hazard? Please print and mail, or hand deliver the following form to The Cordelia Fire Department and we’ll address your concern.