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Driver/Operator & Engineer Resources

 ​Resources for passing the Driver/Operator class and navigating the nightmare that is the DMV…

DMV – The bane of getting your D/O, FF Endorsement and Class B will dealing with the DMV.  Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Physician s Health Report DL 546A – DMV fun. Yay. 
  • Pre-Trip_Class_B_Straight_Truck – This is by far, the best checkout guide I’ve been able to find online.  Know this and you’re square.  This is what you’ll need to know for your pre-trip inspection with Kemp.  **Note, while you must know the Cordelia checkout, this is what you’ll be tested on, via the DMV Pre-Trip Inspection/Skills eval below.

Driver/Operator 1B

Class B testing – The Cordelia D/O checkout is essential to know, but the DMV Pre-Trip Inspection and Skills Evaluation is what you’ll actually be tested on. 

Driver/Operator Cheat Sheet – The one page bible for those in the class. DO Cheat sheet.

DMV-Pre-trip-inspection-class-B (1).pdfDMV-Pre-trip-inspection-class-B.pdfDO-Cheat-sheet-04.25.2014.pdf