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Major Storm with Possible Snow is Moving in to Solano County


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Cordelia Meteorologist Mike Pechner reports that the coldest air since December, 1998 was moving over all of California Wednesday and continuing Thursday, Feb. 23 and Friday, Feb. 24. Pechner emphasized that this is a MAJOR storm dropping down from Western Canada with modified arctic air featuring temperatures as much as 30 degrees below seasonal normal with strong and gusty winds through the end of the week. This storm is the most the impactful North to South in California in 25 years or more. Snow mixed with rain is possible at sea level from the Bay Area south to LA inland away from the Coast and Bay except Eureka. 

The areas with the most likelihood for snow here in our neck of the woods is in the Coastal Hills surrounding Solano County down to 500 feet. Certainly snow is likely in Rockville Heights, at the west end of Green Valley, the east side of upper Suisun Valley, all the Hills around Vacaville and Dixon, and 505 from Nut Tree north could see snow.  Snow is less likely in Vallejo, Mare Island and near the water Martinez-Benicia, but it can’t be ruled out.

Cordelia Fire Protection District Chief Dave Carpenter warns that we should all take this seriously, as early Friday could bring freezing rain.

“If you have not experience freezing rain, the roads will look wet and you see rain,” Carpenter said. “The rain tends to freeze when it hits the road, which is already < 32 degrees. You may be on ice and not realize it.”

Please be extremely careful,  and take it slow when driving.

Pechner reported that the last measurable snow in Fairfield-Cordelia was December, 27th, 1988.  We had 2" at the Water treatment plant at Chadbourne Rd. Half an inch at in Cordelia Village and 2 to 3" on West Texas near Armijo H.S. and two inches in Vacaville. The timeline is anytime Thursday morning to Friday a.m. Interestingly enough, this cold wet pattern reloads next week with morning snows at low levels. Clear skies are expected over the weekend.  If winds are light we could see lows in the upper teens or low 20's.  The coldest temperature recorded so far this winter in Cordelia has been 26.

Several more storms are likely to keep the wet pattern going into the first week of March which gives more credence to erasing the drought conditions of the last three and a half years.