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Cordelia Fire Board Thanks Chief for Service to District

Board Chair Jim Frische presents a plaque to Chief Dave Carpenter and thanks him for his volunteer service to the District
Cordelia Fire Board Chair Jim Frische (left) thanks Chief Carpenter (right) for his volunteer service to the District

At the January 3rd Board meeting, Chief Carpenter was thanked for his dedication and service to the Cordelia Fire Protection District (CFPD) over the last several years. The inscription on the plaque reads: "In recognition of your years of service, unwavering commitment, exemplary leadership, and personal sacrifice to the Cordelia Fire Protection District".

Something that not everyone knows is that for several years Chief Carpenter has foregone his salary to support the District as it struggled to make ends meet. In plain terms, he worked 50-60+ hours a week for $0 compensation so the District could continue to provide services to the residents of our Fire District. This personal sacrifice made it possible to retain paid staff until such time as a transition could be made to the next chapter in the District's long history.

As of January 4, 2023, the District will continue to exist as an independent district with its elected, non-paid Board, but will no longer provide emergency response via its own staff and apparatus. The CFPD and Fairfield Fire Department (FFD) have entered into an interim agreement where FFD will provide all emergency responses to calls in the District. Requests for service will be made via 911 as before. A long term agreement with FFD is being investigated.

Chief Carpenter is assuming a new role with the District. He will become the District Transition & Prevention Officer tasked to guide the District in its transition through 2023 and the many tasks this will bring. Aside from this new role, the Chief will continue to act separately as an unpaid, volunteer Chief to deal with a limited number of administrative tasks such as construction plan reviews and burn permit approvals. He will have no operational role as that will now be handled by our good friends at the Fairfied Fire Department. More information will be forthcoming as the CFPD makes the transition to this new reality of operating under a contract for service arrangement.

Please join the Board in thanking Chief Carpenter for his outstanding contribution to the community!