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Reminder to Refrain from Activities that Can Spark Wildfires

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Message board at Rockville and Green Valley Roads reminds residents to be careful to avoid activities that can spark a wildfire.

The message board is back! Maintenance was required on the message board at Rockville and Green Valley Roads, and that is now complete.

We updated our message to remind everyone that 90% of all fires in California are caused by people. As such, we are the first line of defense in preventing fires in our community. It sounds like Smokey the Bear, but it is proven that we can prevent most fires and the associated loss of property and life. We need to take care as we go about our lives.

With our hot, dry, windy summer weather, this is especially important. Here are just a few reminders:

  • Don't mow in an area with rocks; sparks from the mower striking rocks can start a fire.
  • If you are using power tools (e.g. chain saws, weed cutters with blades), make sure you have a hose with a good water supply in case you need it. Or better yet, wait until it rains again later in the year.
  • Don't ride dirt bikes in non-designated areas where exhaust sparks can ignite fires in grass.
  • Refrain from smoking in wildlands or areas with grass and weeds,  Even ash from cigarettes can drop as you walk along and start a fire as you walk away.
  • Never toss cigarette butts from the window of a vehicle. Butts tossed from vehicles are a cause of many fires you see along highways.
  • Don't do Tiki torches during the summer.
  • Don't light camp or party fires in areas where the ground has not been cleared free of combustible materials around the pit and especially when windy as it often is in our area.
  • No dumping coals from BBQs on the ground unless it is cold and damp outside. This was the cause of the great Oakland hills fire.

These are just a few examples of how we can be more careful and not be the reason a fire starts in our area . Thank you in advance for your consideration and care in protecting us all. Be well, be safe