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Cordelia Firefighters Assist Injured Cyclist at Rockville Park


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Cordelia Fire District crews responded to a call in Rockville Park on March 30 for a bicyclist down on the unknown trail off the outer loop. Several members of the Cordelia Fire agency were assisting with clearing debris at the park when the call came in. The off-duty Cordelia firefighters worked with the park ranger and quickly found the patient who was experiencing numbness and tingling from the neck down. The crew stabilized the patient on scene until additional resources from several cooperating agencies arrived. Additional Cordelia Fire District personnel arrived with medic ambulance and CHP airlifted the patient out of the problem area to an accessible area to enable transfer to ground ambulance and transport to area hospital.

It’s been conveyed the individual will make a full recovery. Many thanks to all who supported the effort and responded to this incident. Cooperating agencies included Rockville Park ranger, CHP, Medic Ambulance, Fairfield Fire, Solano Sheriff, City of Fairfield public works.