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Cordelia Firefighters Respond to Benicia Pier Fire 

May contain: wood

Cordelia Firefighters responded to the call for assistance to extinguish the Benicia Pier Fire on Saturday, assisting with hose lines and water supply.

In a letter to Chief Carpenter from Benicia Fire Department, Chief Chadwick expressed their appreciation for the response by Cordelia Fire:

"On behalf of the City of Benicia and the Benicia Fire Department, I would like to personally thank you ad your staff for your department's assistance on our Bayshore Incident Pier Fire that occurred over this past weekend. Due to your department's willingness to come to our aid, and the use of your resources and logistical support, this incident was mitigated without any injuries and with as minimal amount of property and environmental damage as possile. Additionally, what I witnessed throughout the incident, as well as feedback I received from other sources, was that your staff demonstrated an excellent example of professionalism, competency, and expertise."
Josh Chadwick, Benicia Fire Department Fire Chief

For a media report on the incident, visit the following link: