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Update on Fire Hazard Inspections and Homeowners Insurance Efforts

After this month's inspections we are just shy of 200 completed in 2 months. Our goal of completing 400 by the end of April is generally on track. Except for a few properties we were not able to inspect before today, the Highlands is pretty much complete. Starting next week we will complete the Highlands and then pivot to Upper Green Valley next weekend as noted on our bulletin board under the Green Valley Fire Safe Council informational kiosk at Rockville and Green Valley Roads.

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Follow up inspections will start in March on properties inspected in early January. So far most residents have been great at moving forward with fire hazard mitigations suggested during inspections. We wish to thank home owners for their overwhelming support of this program to improve the fire hardness of our community. The positive reception is welcome as it benefits us all.

I also want to thank Chief Carpenter for his leadership in this effort and to thank the Ambassadors from the Green Valley Fire Safe Council who are assisting in the inspections. Many hours have been generously donated to this cause.

News Flash: We will soon be releasing positive news regarding home insurance in conjunction with an effort to communicate the efforts in your Cordelia Fire Protection District to insurance carriers about the Green Valley Firewise registration and the home hardening efforts. Together this could result in discounts in the cost of homeowners insurance and could make the different between obtaining coverage and not. We are working hard behind the scenes to bring as many benefits and protections to our community as possible. We live here too and want to make this a safer place to live and enjoy life.

Be well, be safe,

Director Glen Langstaff