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Fire Hazard Inspections Begin in Upper Green Valley

The Cordelia Fire Protection District (CFPD), in collaboration with the Green Valley Fire Safe Council, has started conducting LE-100 property fire hazard inspections in the Upper Green Valley area.

Inspections will start occurring weekly to allow us to work through as many properties as possible early enough to allow for improvements before the fire season starts in summer. Other areas will be visited as we move through winter and spring. We are doing this to help each resident and property owner improve the defensible space around homes before fire season. Please keep in mind that fire season is starting earlier than in years past. Our goal is to give homeowners time to make corrections to help fire harden homes and property.

A number of benefits come from this community-based activity:

  • Greater resistance to fire passing through your property and damaging / destroying your home.
  • Improved chances of controlling the spread of a structure fire from one property to another.
  • Contributing to the overall fire hardening of our neighborhoods, neighbors helping neighbors.
  • Potential home insurance benefits.
  • Piece of mind in knowing you have improved the level of protection on your property as this year’s fire season approaches.

If you live within the Cordelia Fire Protection District, trained inspectors may visit your property. They will request permission to inspect and provide recommendations for improvements.

Live, online records will be accessible to both the CFPD and CAL FIRE for improved fire fighting capabilities. Photos may be taken to document the level of fuel load and to support written recommendations for improvement. If you are visited, the Fire District respectfully requests and hopes you will allow the inspector(s) to walk around your home. Most inspections will take about 30 minutes, more for larger properties. You do not need to accompany the inspector(s), but you will be welcome to do so as this will permit live observations and suggestions. Some of the inspectors will be carrying ID cards or badges to confirm their identity and will generally work in groups to speed the process.

Working together, we can make our neighborhood a safer place for you and your neighbors. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Fire District at 707-864-0468 or email

Last weekend we started inspections for property owners in our District, completing about 25 in the Green Valley Highlands with an initial focus on Glencannon and Brae Ct. We were joined by a 3-person engine company from CAL FIRE to assist with the inspections. Thank you CAL FIRE!

The vast majority of homeowners were very happy to receive this service and were very receptive to our team’s recommendations to make their properties more fire hardened. We were all impressed with the excellent work many residents are doing to fire harden their home and property. A lot of District and CAL FIRE educational material was handed out including lists of companies that have been recommended to the District by other Green Valley residents for doing good tree work and property clearing. Great work neighbors!!

Some residents we met expressed interest in joining this effort of neighbors helping neighbors to make their properties more fire resistant. All in all, a very positive experience.

We will be continuing inspections on Saturday, January 22 from 10am to 2pm, also in the Highlands, one of the areas of greatest need. We hope to post signage this week as to the areas that will be inspected and hope to continue this signage each week inspections are scheduled. We know not everyone reads notices on social media, so we are trying to reach as many residents as possible regarding this service.

If you do not want the Green Valley Fire Safe Council volunteers to inspect your property, please let us know so we can refer your inspection directly to the District Fire Chief for personal follow up. If you’d like to join us as we conduct an inspection and would like to schedule an approximate time to fit your schedule, please let us know that as well and we’ll work to accommodate your needs. Contact the District at (707) 864-0468 or email

We greatly appreciate the acceptance of this service by our neighbors and the understanding that if one house burns, many houses burn. Working together to fire harden property in our area benefits all.

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Cordelia Fire Protection District Chief Dave Carpenter (left) and the Green Valley Fire Safe Council Ambassadors prepare to conduct Fire Hazard Inspections