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Crews Training to Fight Fires in Highlands

May contain: fire truck, transportation, truck, and vehicle

This week crews of resident volunteer fire fighters were training in the Green Valley Highlands.  They were learning how to correctly lay hose from the street to houses some distance from the street.  Not all homes are situated on the street, and some houses have driveways that may not accommodate a fire engine. Some houses have a driveway designed to accommodate an engine, but are situated in an area that makes it difficult to reach with our equipment. This is why we must train our crews to be prepared to haul, connect, and use hoses on a structure fire some distance from the engine, especially on steep driveways.  It’s an important skill to learn as many homes in the District are not easily accessible.  Stopping a structure fire may be crucial to preventing a fire from spreading further.
Chief Carpenter and his skilled team are always working on training to further improve the skills of the volunteers who are here to serve and protect.  They will be back in the field again in the future to continue the training.

We are grateful for the support from neighbors who have volunteered their homes for firefighter training.  That is greatly appreciated. As we are continually training, we are always on the lookout for other training sites. If you own a home in the district that presents unique challenges and would welcome a crew to train on your property, please contact us at 864-0468 or email