Nov 092010

Below is from an email received by the Cordelia Fire Protection District.  If you drive an automobile, this may pertain to you.

This should be passed around to every human being who has the keys to a vehicle and the capability of driving while under the influence with impaired judgement and the possibility of causing a life changing incident to happen to everyone he or she comes in contact with while in this condition.

This is perhaps one of the most intense commercials that I’ve ever seen and very well made. I hope that by passing this along to others, that it will make a difference and if just one life is saved, it will all be worth the effort to simply hit “send” and maybe save a life today or tomorrow or in the future. Please do not take offense. There is nothing personal about this email. It is about saving lives………….yours, mine, the grandchildren.

Australia should be complimented on having the guts to “tell it like it is” and get this campaign out to all of its licensed drivers and to air it on TV…it is very moving and very life like, so it has a very strong impact.

It will affect everyone who views it. # Click on DUI below:

DUI *This ad is adult in nature and contains scenes of realistic trauma.