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Dec 072021
Duck waddles off after begin rescued by Cordelia Fire Protection District Crew
Duck waddles off after begin rescued by Cordelia Fire Protection District Crew
The rescued duck waddled off to be greeted by the brood with a frenzy of quacks

Cordelia Fire District crews performed a duck rescue operation  when this curious little waterfowl fell into a drain pipe and couldn’t find its way out. The duck became trapped in a 6-foot drain pipe in a private reservoir pond off Rockville Road. The drain pipe has a 90 degree bend at the bottom with about a 150 foot pipe that empties into another area where the duck could escape. Unfortunately, the duck couldn’t see the escape route, and instead was trying to get back up the 6-foot vertical pipe, and wouldn’t move down to the connecting pipe to find the exit.

Cordelia Fire worked with the property owner to find a solution. To encourage the duck to move down the connecting pipe and out to freedom, the rescuers lowered a basketball into the pipe and then slowly flooded the pipe with water to gently nudge the duck along the escape route and out to safety.

Chief Dave Carpenter remarked that the duck was warmly greeted with a frenzy of quacking by the rest of the brood, who seemed genuinely concerned and grateful for their friend’s safe return.

Oct 202021
Volunteer Amabassadors listen as Cordelia Fire Protection District Chief Carpenter conducts fire hazard inspection training
Volunteer Ambassadors learned to identify fire hazards during a recent training conducted by Cordelia Fire District Chief Dave Carpenter and Green Valley Fire Safety Council President Rochelle Sherlock (right)

Last Saturday a group of volunteer Ambassadors participated in continued training to conduct LE-100 Fire Hazard Inspections in the Cordelia Fire Protection District.

Home hardening is the number one defense we have against a major fire in our area. Preparing your home to resist flying embers and encroaching fire can produce a greater benefit than more fire fighters and engines. Whereas more fire fighters and engines are incredibly helpful, the best line of defense is taking responsibility for our properties and hardening them to help fire fighters defend our homes. Also, because fire fighting resources are limited, in the event of a major fire in the area there may not be enough fire fighters and equipment to protect everyone’s homes. As such, home hardening may be your ONLY line of defense.

The Fire District will start inspections in December when our area is not so dry, when the risk of clearing brush and grass and performing tree work is diminished. The Ambassadors will be conducting inspections on behalf of the Cordelia Fire Protection District and will pass on all inspection results to the District.

In addition to the inspections, they can also provide recommendations to help you harden your home beyond that required by code. If issues are found during an inspection, Ambassadors will work with you to provide sufficient time to address them. It is expected (and required by code) that any issues found will be corrected for the benefit of your property and that of your neighbors.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cordelia Fire Protection District and we’ll do our best assist you.

Sep 212021

The Daily Republic reported on the Solano County Civil Grand Jury’s report investigating the wildfire risk to county residents, and the response by Cordelia Fire Protection Discounty Board of Supervisors. 

Review the reports and responses online here:
Grand Jury Report
Cordelia Fire Protection District Response  
Solano County Board of Supervisors Response

Supervisors, Cordelia Fire respond to grand jury on wildfires

Aug 282021

Today a great crew worked hard to continue the Station 29 site cleanup (next to old Falls School site on Rockville) started last year. Trees were removed to increase the fire break around the station, shrubs were cut back and pruned to improve the appearance and reduce fuel near the station, and volunteers pressure washed the living quarters prior to prepare for painting in the near future.

The team worked from 6:30am to past noon despite the heat and smoke. Many are not aware of this, but we are staffing the station on most nights now, but usually after dinner at Station 31 in Cordelia. We have high hopes that the Station 29 site will be the location of improvements at some point.

Many thanks to Father John’s crew who did tree cutting and branch removal, Napa Recycling for their assistance with dumpsters and trucks, the resident fire fighters who pitched in with everything, CFPD Board members who took time from their weekends to help, Chief Carpenter to assisted despite his long week, neighbors like Tom Giugni who volunteered with the clean up, GVLA for lunch for the team, and most importantly to Tim Senior who organized this entire effort and worked tirelessly to secure the donations of time and resources.

We have more to do including additional tree removal, painting, etc., and will be back at it perhaps later this year.

Glen Langstaff, CFPD Board Member


Jun 142021

Cordelia Fire Protection District (CFPD) welcomed eight new volunteer resident firefighter recruits last week. CFPD company officers began training the new volunteers last week, with continued intensive trainings scheduled June 19th and 20th at Rockville Road Station #29, and in Rockville Heights. Fire Chief David Carpenter says this is good news for the local residents and businesses who rely on the district and partnering agencies to protect lives and property.

The District has grown its ranks in recent years, bringing on graduates of local fire academies as well as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) who wish to also train as firefighters. Since the majority of CFPD’s calls are for medical aid and other public assistance, the EMT component is critical for today’s firefighters. Additionally, as we enter fire season with most of the fire incidents involving wildland, CFPD implemented a new program offering EMT’s hands-on wildland fire fighting training. This expands the trainees’ career options while expanding the agency’s staffing abilities.

“As an autonomous agency, CFPD operates on a limited budget, and thus relies heavily on volunteer resident firefighters to carry out critical fire prevention and suppression duties as well as to deliver medical aid to our constituents,” Chief Carpenter said. “We’re grateful to all our volunteers for their service.”

The district is currently staffed by three full-time company officers, volunteer fire chief, an assistant fire chief, and 23 resident firefighters, plus the eight new recruits. While the resident firefighters are classified as volunteers, they commit to at least one 24-hour shift each week, and thus receive invaluable on the job training and experience.

“Our resident firefighters have successfully completed a fire academy and are training for a career position in the fire service. Our EMT recruits will be trained specifically in wildfire suppression. We are always training, both in the classroom and in the field. Those who join CFPD after graduating from an academy benefit from hands-on, real-world experience.”

Recruitment and consistent training is key to expanding the ranks at CFPD and enabling regular staffing of Station #29 on Rockville Road. Currently, Station #31 on Cordelia Road is staffed with one crew 24/7, and Station #29 is only staffed during times of high fire danger in the area. CFPD’s goal is to maintain 24/7 staffing at both stations, and to add crews especially in times of high fire danger. Full-time staffing of Station #29 will greatly improve response times for incidents in upper Green Valley.

Established in 1918, the Cordelia Fire Protection District is an agency that provides Fire and EMS service to the communities of Green Valley, Rockville, Cordelia, and Lower Suisun Valley. It is an autonomous District, governed by a five-member elected Board of Directors. The district has two stations covering 56 square miles of southern Solano County in California and is an active participant in local mutual and automatic-aid agreements with other agencies.

New volunteer resident firefighters train in mobile attack techniques
New volunteer resident firefighters training in mobile attack techniques
New firefighter trainees practice using hand tools to create a fire break

Jun 102021
Cordelia Fire District resident firefighters joined Vacaville Fire and other agencies for a prescribed burn training.

Cordelia Fire District is participating in a prescribed training burn with the Vacaville Fire Department and other Bay Area and Solano County agencies. The prescribed burn training was scheduled for Wednesday, June 9, in the hills behind the California Medical Facility (CMF) and on Thursday, June 10, on Callen Hill between Callen Street and Allison Drive.

Some of our resident volunteer firefighters completed training on the methods of backfiring. Backfiring is a tactic where firefighters intentionally set a fire along a fireline’s inner edge, in order to consume fuel in the path of a wildfire or to change the direction it is traveling. Going forward this could be one of the most effective tools we have in fighting a fast-moving fire when resources are scarce. Because resources are scarce this year, this training is critical.

“The purpose for both days will be to educate Solano and Bay Area fire service professionals on firing operations in a controlled dynamic fire environment to satisfy the training requirements,” officials wrote in a news release. “The skills practiced during this training provides the attendees with real world experience in applying tools and techniques to successfully engage in firing operations during wildfire events.”

Cordelia Fire District resident firefighters joined Vacaville Fire and other agencies for a prescribed burn training.
Cordelia Fire District resident firefighters joined Vacaville Fire and other agencies for a prescribed burn training.
May 052021

On the evening of Tuesday, May 4, Cordelia Fire Protection District crews responded to reports of a fire on westbound Hwy 80 East of American Canyon. The incident started at about 18:00 as a vehicle fire, but quickly ignited nearby dry grass, causing a vegetation fire. With the hot and windy conditions and the fire growing quickly, two alarms were initially called. The Cordelia Fire crew was first on the scene.

Cordelia Fire District Chief Dave Carpenter reported that their crew of four firefighters did an excellent job fighting the fire, which grew to over 3 acres within just five to ten minutes. The crew split up, putting half the firefighters on the vehicle fire and the others on the vegetation fire. Because multiple crews were able to respond quickly, the fire was contained to just 3.7 acres. Cal Fire, Fairfield Fire, Suisun Fire District, American Canyon, and Vallejo Fire also responded to the incident.

Fire crews say this incident is an example of how fires can quickly spread with the combined dangerous conditions of extremely dry land and hot, windy weather. This is another reminder that fire season is already upon us, and that we all need to be aware of the dangers, remain vigilant, and make fire safety a priority.

May 022021

Red Flag Warning. Due to the Red Flag Warning in place into Tuesday, the
CFPD will be staffing both stations 29 and 31 tonight.  We would like to
do this every night, but do not have the staffing and funding to do so. 
We will work to staff whenever possible during these high fire warnings.

If you would like to see full time staffing at both stations all the
time, please reach out to the Solano County Supervisors and encourage
them to provide a regular, on-going funding source to support the
unincorporated districts year round for a higher level of service.  The
CFPD is currently operating without a paid Chief and minimal paid staff
who support and train the resident volunteer fire fighters.  More staff = more
volunteers in place = greater station support.

May 012021
Members of Green Valley Fire Safe Council and Cordelia Fire Protection District gathering in front of the new Fire Safety Bulletin Board for a ribbon cutting.

On Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (May 1) Cordelia Fire Protection District (CFPD) and Green Valley Fire Safe Council (GVFSC) gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the newly erected Fire Safety Bulletin Board on Rockville Road and Green Valley Road. The board will be used to post fire prevention and safety updates for Green Valley residents.

Officials from Cal Fire also were also on hand to discuss fire prevention strategies and distribute wildfire action plan information.

GVFSC president Rochelle Sherlock addressed the crowd and thanked the Council members, County officials, CFPD and other agencies involved in the collaborative effort.

The GVFSC also organized a Green Waste event where Green Valley and Rockville Road residents could drop off their green waste. The goal is to encourage residents to reduce wildfire risk and create defensible space around their homes by thinning dense vegetation and removing ladder fuels as well as dead and fallen trees. Creating defensible space gives fire fighters a better chance to protect property when threatened by wildfire.

Additional green waste drop off days are scheduled on May 24 and June 21. Advance registration is required. Learn more and register at

CFPD Fire Chief Dave Carpenter praised the efforts of the GVFSC for spearheading these events, helping to educate the public about fire safety, and supporting the community with the critical tasks necessary to reduce wildfire risk.

Apr 262021

The Green Valley Fire Safety Council (GVFSC) team recently completed the construction of their new bulletin board at the corner of Green Valley Rd and Rockville Rd.  The first posting is the certificate that acknowledges GVFSC was established as a nationally recognized participating site in this program.  Going forward there will be numerous postings to provide you information about home hardening, fire prevention, chipping programs, etc.  This is not a general neighborhood bulletin board, but one dedicated to fire prevention and survival.  It is meant to supplement their website, mailings and meetings to disseminate information to the Green Valley community.  For more information, please visit their site at

The Cordelia Fire Protection District strongly supports and participates in their efforts to make Green Valley a safer place to live and enjoy.  

A Fire Safety Bulletin Board was recently installed at the corner of Green Valley Road and Roackville Road.